Successful AI Tools for Business to Test Now

AI Tools for Business

Humanity owes the power of artificial intelligence to the fact that we can now keep many complex and large-scale processes running with minimal effort. AI has made a major contribution to business operations and has made it possible to automate many routine and repetitive processes. As a result, artificial Intelligence saves the business employee effort, time, and money, increasing productivity and speed of business activities. This article will highlight the most successful AI business tools worth trying.


Fireflies is an artificial intelligence tool for organizing online meetings. The program is based on neurolinguistic programming and neutralizes your need to take notes during a session. The program allows you to record voice conversations and easily search for saved messages in an intuitive space. With Firefly, you can easily record conversations on any web-based conferencing platform. In addition, this AI tool can transcribe live meetings and audio files you upload.

Collaboration is noticeably simplified when you can easily add notes or highlight certain parts of calls to enhance cooperation with your colleagues. The search function allows you to review an hour-long call in just a few minutes.


Murf is a great example of artificial intelligence software. It is a text-to-speech generator program that is the most impressive voice generator program available today. With it, you can convert Text to speech, a useful feature for teachers, business leaders, and developers. With Merf’s settings, you can create the most natural-sounding voice possible. You can choose not only the tone of voice but also the dialect. You have more than 10 AI voices in 15 languages at your disposal, as well as accent, speaker, voice style, and target settings.

You can create voice-over voices without using your voice, and it also has flexible settings. For example, add pauses, and change pronunciations and accents.


The purpose of the NeuralText tool is to create content using AI, from idea to execution. Essentially, this program is a copywriter with artificial Intelligence and SEO knowledge. It can generate dozens of unique texts for any purpose, with more than 50 ready-made templates. Built-in SEO tools allow you to create quality content based on Google’s existing content. All you need to do is enter a keyword, and the program will bring up the best Google search results, based on which you can quickly create a writing plan and an article summary. In addition, NeuralText allows you to optimize your keywords to select words with a strong commercial focus.


The principle behind Textio is that it uses predictive technology to improve job listings. It’s a real boon for your HR department because, through comprehensive analysis, the program can assess how well a job can attract users. The tool also effectively eliminates gender bias in the hiring process. Huge corporations actively use Textio, like Microsoft, Twitter, and Starbucks.

Legal Robot

Artificial Intelligence-based tool Legal Robot – enhances the delivery of legal support in any company. This program brings clarity to what people are signing – that is, deciphering complex legal contracts. The tool is based on NLP and works with huge databases of existing legal agreements and scripts. As a result, the legal robot improves the readability of warranties and makes life easier for employees.

Genesis DS

Genesis DS is an intelligent chatbot that recognizes clients’ intentions using built-in AI and NLP features. The tool can remember entire conversations, naturally answering customers’ questions and even making purchases.