Best Data Rooms Providers for International Companies

Best Data Rooms

A virtual data room (VDR), commonly referred to as a deal room, is a safe online location where documents can be stored and shared. It is often used to review, disseminate, and disclose corporate papers during the pre-merger or acquisition due diligence.

Why Use a Virtual Data Room?

For all Internet users, virtual data rooms have become the norm, having once changed cabinets or physical data carriers. Physical data cabinets and physical media had their limitations and were labor intensive and inconvenient for the parties involved. With the development of the Internet, physical room data and media have become outdated concepts. The most common uses of virtual ones are listed below in data rooms:

  • corporate document storage,
  • communication boards for secure document interchange,
  • finance collecting during mergers and acquisitions,
  • initial public offerings,
  • and strategic partnerships, as well as the administration of intellectual property.

Analysis of Competitors in the Market

The main competitors in the global market of best data room providers are:

  • iDeals;
  • Citrix ShareFile;
  • Merrill DataSite;
  • Box VDR;
  • CapLinked;
  • Intralinks;
  • Brainloop.

Based on the competitive analysis matrix, it is possible to note that the main elements that are given the most attention are environment security and intelligent search of downloaded documents. That is, it is important not only to download documents but also to have methods to help find the documents the user needs. As for the price, it depends on the supplier. The user pays the basic fees functions, and additional ones require additional funds. Some suppliers allow you to buy an unlimited number of plans for a predictable price. The virtual room environment is very competitive and evolving at a fast pace, which allows the user to choose exactly the system that specifically meets his needs.

5 VDRs that Are Used by International Companies


The virtual data room offered by iDeals offers numerous possibilities for customization and teamwork. Any online transactions or document management services run thanks to the user-friendly interface and the software’s simple installation process smoothly. The user can create graphs and bespoke reports on user behavior using the iDeals VDR. Businesses of all sizes frequently use the VDR.


Citrix Systems is a reputable corporation that offers cloud services for online business transactions and staff workflow requirements. Citrix Workspaces is a virtual data room application for online transactions that has all the document management facilities required. To meet their process demands, clients might leverage extra Citrix Systems software.


Numerous substantial businesses and well-known global brands have confidence in Intralinks. It is a seasoned traditional virtual data room provider with high standards and agents in many nations. Large-sized enterprises make up its primary target market, making it a true titan in the data room sector. The VDR solution from Intralinks might not feel adaptable enough to younger businesspeople who demand agile software.


The data site is a newer version of Merrill Corporation’s data room software. A VDR offers top-notch solutions for tricky transactions. Merrill also offers high-quality add-on services that support consultancy, content management, and other operations necessary for successful businesses.


An M&A due diligence SaaS is called DealRoom. Although the program is pricey, it does offer cutting-edge online tools for the buy-side and sell-side of the M&A process. In addition, the software’s features address each phase of the M&A deal lifecycle.