Smart technologies to control traffic

Improving the safety and efficiency of road transport and public transport. Traffic managers around the world use intelligent vehicle technology to ensure road safety and traffic control. Detection and monitoring solutions help traffic and public transport organizations manage traffic flows efficiently and ensure safety. Hardware and software solutions based on advanced technologies that have been used for more than 25 years help track the movement of cars and pedestrians in urban areas, detect accidents on highways and tunnels, collect traffic data and ensure safety on public roads. Technologies that can solve traffic jam issue.

Smart technologies to control traffic. Technologies that can solve the problem of traffic jams. 

CITY SWITCHES. Motion sensors allow responsible authorities to monitor traffic at intersections, which promotes mobility. In addition, they help optimize traffic for pedestrians and cyclists, increasing safety in the busiest conditions. In addition to improving real-time traffic flows, sensors collect valuable traffic data for technicians who study traffic patterns in road networks. Technologies that can solve traffic jam issue.

CARS, GALLERIES AND BRIDGES. Solutions for automatic accident detection help save lives in tunnels, on highways and on bridges by detecting smoke, fires, stopped vehicles, loss of cargo, pedestrians, vehicles in the wrong direction and other related events. to traffic. Early detection of road bumps allows priority services to quickly intervene and avoid secondary accidents.

ROADS, RAILWAY PLATFORMS AND TRAINS. Thermographic cameras avoid serious accidents and infrastructure damage by detecting vehicles that block railway crossings, and people who enter subway tunnels or fall from platforms on tracks. The technology immediately detects dangerous actions, avoiding accidents. Thermography also allows the identification of fires on passenger trains and helps operators control the occupancy of wagons.

THERMOGRAPHY FOR MANAGEMENT OF MOTION. Video cameras, traditionally used to analyze video traffic, require additional algorithms to overcome their inherent vulnerability in low light conditions (night hours), excessive lighting (sun reflection) and shadows that can hide vehicles or pedestrians. These problems do not affect the temperature sensors, since they create a clear image based on the slightest differences in temperature inside the scene. Temperature sensors do not need lighting to work, they are not “blinded” by direct sunlight and guarantee uninterrupted detection of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists 24 hours a day, regardless of the amount of light available.

FAST RESPONSE TIME, RELIABLE DETECTION. The ability to quickly identify and respond to traffic and tunnel accidents is an essential component of any effective traffic management system. Video cameras and sensors for traffic can reliably detect accidents (including collisions and stopping vehicles or in the wrong direction) even in difficult lighting and weather conditions. Thermographs are able to track various levels of traffic flow or detect a fire in a tunnel long before traditional sensors are activated. Technologies that can solve the problem of traffic jams.

Smart technologies to control traffic. Solutions for current and future traffic.  Six distinctive features is a revolution in traffic flows on roads around the world. Our exclusive and field-proven solutions enable vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles to move smoothly and safely. The combination of video cameras, thermal sensors, intelligent video analysis and management and control software allows you to always offer the most suitable solution for your specific need. Road managers around the world use technology to ensure safety and maximum traffic efficiency. Solutions help protect both citizens and critical infrastructures. Proud of making the places where we live, work and travel as safe as possible. Technologies that can solve traffic jam issue.